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Recent Op-ed and Blogs

Edited list, for the complete list download my CV. 

Rocha, C., R. Vokes, and K. Openshaw (2021) Can the Holy Spirit Be Livestreamed? Sapiens, Anthropology Magazine, 6 April. 

Halafoff, A. Weng, E., Rocha, C., et al (2020) ‘The pandemic has provided fertile conditions for conspiracy theories and “conspirituality” in Australia,’ Religion and Ethics, 13 Oct. ABC. 

Rocha, C. (2020) ‘Fashion and Christianity: Kanye West, Hillsong and Jesus Shoes’, Religious Matters (Utrecht University), 12 January.

Rocha, C. (2020) ‘Moda e Cristianismo: Kanye West, Hillsong e os Tênis de Jesus.’ Laboratório de Antropologia da Religião, Unicamp. Translated by Giovanna Paccillo, 10 November.

Rocha, C. and K. McPhillips (2019) ‘#MeToo catches up with spiritual healers: the case of Brazil's John of God’, The Conversation, February 22.

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