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Global Christianities 

In the past decade the global spread of Pentecostalism has received a lot of scholarly attention as a powerful example of cultural globalisation and due to its explosion in the Global South. In this regard, I have two research projects that contribute new knowledge to four main areas at the forefront of debates on Pentecostalism and globalisation: 1) the ways in which Pentecostalism is globalised and localised in everyday life; 2) the role of Pentecostalism in assisting migrants overcome nostalgia, connect to the homeland, and the challenge of adapting to the host country; and 3) the continuing vitality and renewed public role of Pentecostalism in late modernity; and 4) the ways in which the boundaries between the public and private spheres are continually transgressed. 

Pentecostal Connections: Migration, Missionaries, Mobility and Media between Australia and Brazil

The African Diaspora and Pentecostalism in Australia (with Richard Vokes, UWA, and Kathleen Openshaw, WSU)

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